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Songwriter / Composer / Producer / Studio Tech

Plays: Guitar / Keyboards / Vocals

Michael Johnson was raised in Northern California where he first discovered his musical roots in the San Fransisco Music scene of the 70's and 80's. Being forced to take Piano lessons from 6 years old until 14 years old, his rebellion against structure was firmly established. Desiring a career in Music, Michael picked up a Guitar at 12. 

At that same time Michael met his best friend Russell Buchanan, who had also picked up guitar as his instrument of choice. Together they spent countless days and hours learning the art of entertainment and discovering the world of Music.

Michael's influences were diverse but always came back to his favorites which included Grateful Dead, Steely Dan, Doobie Brothers, John Denver, Led Zeppelin, and a plethora of others which rounded his musical experience.

Since it's inception, Forbidden Gecko Love has gone through many changes, including line-up of Musicians. Michael is currently gigging solo as Forbidden Gecko Love. He enjoys sitting in with other well established talents and is usually found playing between Greensboro NC. and Asheville NC.


Plays: Guitar / Vocals

Russell was born in Oakland, California and grew up in the Sacramento area as the child of a Music teacher (Charles Buchanan). Russell started playing drums at 6 years old, but was drawn to Guitar at 12 years of age. His musical influences are very diverse and it is obvious by his style that he loves Jazz and Rock. Some of his greatest influences were Frank Zappa, Larry Carlton, David Gilmore, and Jerry Garcia.


Russell has played in dozens of projects, including playing Bass in his father's Country Swing band as a Teen and in his early Twenties. Russell has been playing Guitar and Bass in his Church for a dozen or more years and is the most requested leader of Worship. Russell also sings and is an excellent at finding unique harmonies. Russell loves his Harley Springer and rides as often as weather permits.

Joey Kremp

Plays: Drums / Vocals

Joey Kremp is a Native Floridian, 27 years old. Joey was raised in a Musical household and has been playing Drums since he was a child. His influences come from Jimi Hendrix, Beatles, Almond Brothers, King Crimson, Sublime, Johnny Cash, Rival Sons, and countless more.

Stephen Charles

Plays: Bass / Vocals

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